Hey Guys. I hope this post catches you in your finest health, I’m gonna talk about how life gives you too much opportunities.

Yesterday evening, I was looking for an opportunity to visit the United Kingdom , My favorite city is London. I came across with an association that makes things easier for me to obtain my visa and get out of my born country (Algeria). I had too many hopes up. But unfortunately, I haven’t got the money for it. I asked my parents whom were struggling at the same time to have a normal life with debts. I had no chance to do it.

Life don’t give what you want when you want. I accept my destiny and i hope to live up to the day where i can leave this country.


Dream Keeper..

I don’t think you will
Ever fully understand
How you touched my life
And made me who I am.
You are the keeper of my dreams….

An Angel who holds my heart,
The one I want to spend my Time with,
The one with whom I will always stand.
Stand beside through thick and thin..

Through all that life throws our way
Knowing that this special Feelings we share
Will guide us each and every day.
I don’t think you could ever feel..

All the Care I have to give,
And I’m sure you never realize
You’ve been my will to live.

Our biggest fault.

Life sometimes push us for doing bad choices. Which are experiences. Just don’t give up. Try to fill the void in your life with doing great things. Having fun with friends. Helping the community. Do voluntary works. These things are a wake up call. Even sometimes surrender to nature, and looking at Allah mades. In deep you’re a good person . Just have Faith in yourself.

Your Brain is powerful.

Your mind is a powerful tool with the power to manifest.

“This is impossible.”

“I’m going to be rejected.”

“Every time I try, I fail”

When you think any thought, you make it a reality for you.

No matter if the thought is true or not.

If you think about biting a lemon…

You might feel your salivary glands reacting, you might frown.

Your mind makes the thought a reality.

Your reality.

If you can recognize your thoughts/beliefs, you can learn to challenge them.

It all comes down to reprogramming.

Speak words of affirmation into your existence.

“I am a leader of leaders.”

“I care for my mental, spiritual and physical well-being.”

“I attract the right people and resources to get where I need to be.”

As you speak what you truly want into your life, you’ll notice things start to manifest.

Creation starts to take place.

Be intentional about what you think.

Be intentional about what you say.

Watch your reality shift.

Life Accomplishments.

Why do we not write in the field of accomplishments how we left the old house, how we moved from one school to another, how we discovered that trick, how we hidden our problem from the hearts of our mothers and took responsibility for us alone quietly, how we acted on the first university day, and how we acted bravely when conditions forced us to take a path to withdraw  How did we embrace a friend’s sorrow, and how did we say the first word of condolence and the first word (Mubarak);
Why do not we put in the field of skills patience, forgiveness, steadfastness and strength despite pain and despair.  Certificates and papers are closer to the wall than ourselves, we put them in
Stylish frame.  Only these positions made us stronger.

By Oussama Maamar

Fighter,Believer,Hopeful and strong.

You have to start each day with new ideas, Believe in yourself and that you can make something better of it. Hope is your strength weapon (positive one) for sure.

You must fight for the way you think and try to improve yourself by any means necessary but in doing greater things for you, your family , and your community.

You are strong by nature. Just keep it real and be strong for yourself and for your family.

Fight for your right.

It always started by a bullying whether at home,school, your neighborhood, and sometimes by your familly. We were always bullied with someone when we were young. But only you decide if you can take that bullying off , and you should fight for yourself.

I was born as a healthy boy. I was putten with my cousine as we were babies. As Algerian traditions consists on letting all familly members to see the babies. Jealousy and haters were too much. 2 Months later . I became this sick kid. I had a brain surcharge. I used to calculate numbers in my head. I was given the wrong medications by mistake or on purpose. Life goes on and you must fight for your own life against people thinking and ideas. And proving my self was what i can do the best.

No matter what the difficulties of life that you face. You have to be your own superhero and fight for it.


It started when i was a young boy. All i cared about was growing up. We try to live as we want to be and persuade our dream. Sometimes we spend our time doing the wrong thungs just to get through it. But time is gold. We should assure spending it doing the right reasonable things which matters the most, and make yourself and familly proud.

Growing older was tougher than i thought. You face all the difficulties of life. Just you gotta listen to advices and try to do good even if you don’t need to. Sins are too many. You just got to be courageous and find your own path of life. Legends aren’t born ones. You have to be your own legend.

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